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Simplifying ideas into 3D

Custom solutions to meet your unique business needs. Let your ideas take shape with 3D printing.


Our Business Solutions

Kaila Inc is the Digital Factory of the Future disrupting the mining, energy and construction industry through providing 3D solutions to industrial clients. Kaila Inc is the first African startup that provides mass-customize virtual/augmented reality solutions and 3D printed models of photorealist architectural as well as topographic/geological data. We visualize 2D information into 3D for deeper understanding and better decision making for our end-user. Our project management and research skills set, combined with access to world-class 3D technology, we are better positioned to tap into the uncontested market and deliver world-class projects. In a nutshell, we specialize in low volume production, and 3D concept modelling solutions. Additionally, we offer customers 3D-printed bust portraits.

The company was started by Lesedi Monnanyane and Hope Kaila in 2016.

    We are inspired by:

  • Africapitalism
  • Moonshot Thinking
  • Blue Ocean Strategy



  • Lesedi Monnanyane Managing Director – Responsible for strategy and planning Hope Kaila
  • Co-Founder – Studying BA in Supply Chain
  • Dillion Swarts – COO – Responsible for project management

External - 3D Operators

External - 3D Operators

  • Responsible for 3D printing and designing – Creative Arts
  • 7 Employees – 15 years of combined experience in graphic design and printing



  • Responsible for bookkeeping – Osidon – the world’s first digital accountant
  • Resposible for IT deaprtment – Coding Hub


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